Retaining Walls Melbourne

Retaining walls are the bare bones of any landscaped garden. They form the layout and structure of the landscape, whilst creating interest through height changes and tiering. Retaining walls are usually the first things to be constructed and require above adequate drainage to stand the test of time.

With over 40 years of combined experience in constructing retaining walls in Melbourne, our knowledge of footing sizes and council requirements is second to none.

Whether you wish to use bricks, rendered concrete blocks, timber sleepers, natural stone or your own bespoke material, we are confident in delivering your desired result.

Sleeper Walls

Sleeper walls can be constructed from a few different materials such as treated pine or concrete. They are generally a cheaper alternative to other types of walls as we will only need to excavate post holes every 2.4 metres (depending on height) as opposed to excavating an entire footing, and then pouring concrete into the length of the trench. They are strong, durable, termite resistant and can be constructed to any height as needed. The average life expectancy of a treated pine sleeper wall is 30 years.

Brick and Block Walls

Brick and block walls are a bit more involved than treated pine sleeper walls. A footing needs to excavated, reinforcing trench mesh placed into it, and then concrete poured and levelled. The bricks or blocks then need to be mortared into position. Once completed like a sleeper wall, the back of the wall will need to be waterproofed and drainage installed. Depending on the type of block you are using they may need to be core filled with concrete and then rendered.