Landscape Design for Council Approval

This type of landscape design involves producing landscape plans to the satisfaction of council for a development project. Often a planning permit issued by council will state the criteria that the landscape plan must meet. We make sure that your landscape plan is prepared in the correct manner to ensure a fast approval process.

Landscape design for council includes but is not limited to the following design aspects:

      • Residential unit development 
      • Townhouse development
      • Medium density development
      • Aged care facilities
      • Dual occupancy development
      • Sub-divisions

Why Use Us?

      • We are Budget Conscious – With more than 20 years in the landscape industry we understand exactly what things cost. Our designs are simple and cost effective to build, without compromising the end result.
      • Quick Turn Around – We can usually have your completed landscape design to you in a matter of days.
      • Eye for Detail – We pay close attention to the smallest of details. This ensures the council approval process is as quick and smooth as possible.
      • One Stop Shop – As we’re a landscape design and construction company, we can also give you a quote to complete the construction works.

Councils have differing requirements, however a typical planning permits often requires the landscape plan to contain the following information:

      • a. A survey (including botanical names) of all existing vegetation to be retained and/or removed.
      • b. Location of all buildings and trees (including botanical names) on neighbouring properties within three metres of the boundary.
      • c. Details of all surfaces finishes including pathways and driveways.
      • d. A planting schedule of all proposed trees, shrubs, and ground covers including botanical names, common names, pot size, size at maturity and quantities of each plant.
      • e. Landscaping and planting within all Private Open Space (POS).
      • f. One small canopy tree (minimum two metres in height) to be planted within each POS.
      • g. All species selected must be to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority.
      • h. No tree plantings to be undertaken within easement areas.