The Landscape Design Process

A fantastic garden begins with good design. Landscape design has evolved over the past few decades. It no longer consists of just a few shrubs and some lawn. People want their gardens to be inspirational, practical, eco-friendly, and individually tailored to suit their lifestyle. The right landscape design is essential for the success of any new garden.

The landscape design process consists of a few stages, that need to be undertaken in the following order to produce the best design solutions for your garden.

 Initial Consultation

  • Meet with you on-site to develop a detailed understanding of your needs and requirements from your outdoor space.
  • From our on-site discussion we form your design brief, wish list and needs that will form your new garden.
  • Generally, some topics to consider and discuss would include, entertainment areas, lawn areas, formal or informal style, low or high maintenance, types of plants – likes/dislikes and construction budget.

Fee Proposal

  • Based upon our discussion at the initial consult, a fee proposal will be prepared and emailed to you.

Site Analysis

  • Upon acceptance of the fee proposal, we will arrange to visit the site for a second time.
  • During this visit, we will gather information such as, photos, site measurements, topography, aspect, views to retain or block, height changes etc.
  • Any documentation that you can provide us with, such as building drawings, would be greatly appreciated.

Landscape Plan

  • Based upon the design brief and the information gathered from the site analysis a scaled landscape design will now be produced.
  • The landscape design will include everything required for a contractor to provide you with a quotation including:
    • a landscape plan
    • a planting plan
    • a drainage plan
    • Specifications regarding materials and standard installation practice