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Landscaping Ideas to Improve your Properties Value

July 30th, 2019|Landscaping|

The property market can be very volatile at times with prices going up and down depending on markets and economy. Lately more so down than up! However, by and large, owning a property is a very solid investment and many people have seen the value of their properties increase significantly over the years.  Building [...]

How to Choose the Right Landscape Professional

June 30th, 2019|Landscaping|

If you love spending time outdoors in your garden, one thing you naturally want is for the area to look awesome! The aesthetic appeal of your garden can have a big impact on how relaxed you feel when you are outside, so it is well worth investing in your outdoor area. When your garden [...]

Top 5 Tips for a Winter Landscape Design

May 13th, 2018|Landscape Design, Landscaping|

  Winter is just around the corner and while people in Europe generally lock themselves indoors for the winter, the beauty of Melbourne (or Australian weather in general) is that we don’t have to! Implementing good landscape design practices is a fantastic way to ensure your yard is not only utilised during the colder [...]

What To Expect From An Initial Design Consultation

December 4th, 2017|Landscape Design, Landscaping|

YES - Questions about what you want to achieve with your garden YES - Questions that will give your designer a better understanding of your taste and style YES - Some suggestions based on your answers YES - A fee proposal for producing a landscape design NO - A complete comprehensive solution to your garden [...]

How To Choose The Right Landscape Designer

October 14th, 2017|Landscape Design, Landscaping|

Designing your outdoor space from scratch or renovating an existing space is exciting, but can often be overwhelming. It is a process that takes time, perception, vision and experience to execute correctly. An experienced landscape designer should bring these attributes to your project, helping you create your perfect garden. Choosing the right landscape designer [...]

Curling Bluestone

September 12th, 2017|Landscape Design, Landscaping, Paving|

What is curling bluestone and why does it affect specifically bluestone paving? I have personally had an area of bluestone paving curl after I had laid it. Up until that point I had never encountered this before. I’m hoping this article, will give you some insight into what the term 'bluestone' means, why some [...]

Laying Pavers Part 4 – Laying Pavers

August 12th, 2017|Paving|

Now that we have prepared a good solid base for our pavers, that is we have excavated to the appropriate levels and we have 75mm of compacted crushed rock/road base in place at approx. 60mm below our finished height of paving, we can commence laying the pavers. Setting up a String Line Firstly, we [...]

Five Reasons to Engage a Landscape Designer to Design Your Garden

July 12th, 2017|Landscape Design|

I have seen many people attempt to design and install their own landscapes over the years. Some are successful in their attempts; however, others lack the understanding of what it takes to design and construct a practical, well thought out connected garden. Expertise in many areas of construction and horticulture is essential to the [...]

What is the Cost of a Typical Landscape Design?

June 12th, 2017|Landscape Design|

The cost of a landscape design is influenced by many factors. The three main factors that effect the cost of a design include, the overall size of your property, how detailed you require the design, and the features you want to include in the landscape. These three factors have will effect the amount of [...]

What Is The Difference Between Landscaping and Gardening?

April 13th, 2017|Landscaping|

Some people I meet, when I’m out and about, seem to get gardeners and landscapers mixed up. Or to be more precise they can’t determine the difference between the two. I often get phone calls from people wanting me to maintain and weed there gardens on a regular basis. When I politely tell them [...]

Water Features – Some Things To Think About

April 13th, 2017|Water|

Water is very important to humans and all life on earth. It covers approximately three quarters of the earth  and is responsible for shaping the landscape – cliffs, riverbeds and caves. It is also one of the most useful tools for creating atmosphere in the garden.Water features can be installed just about anywhere, from a [...]

Laying Pavers Part 3 – Setting Out

April 13th, 2017|Paving|

Setting Out Your PavingNow that the physically hard stuff has been done, its time to prepare the area for laying. The area has been excavated to 175mm below the finished height of the paving. Its time to get our crushed rock/roadbase into place.What is Crushed Rock/Roadbase?Melbournians calls it crushed rock, Sydney siders call it roadbase. [...]